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Get more than just a website. Get results for your business.

We build successful websites that attract audiences, encourage engagement, and inspire visitors to take action. Websites that are built around the user experience but reflect your unique brand.

Blass has the business acumen, creativity, and experience to solve any marketing problem and deliver results. From strategy to content creation, design to programming and online advertising to site security, the Blass team works with you to assure your online presence works to gain the results that you need.

As a part of Blass Marketing, Blass Web Services also offers a full range of marketing communications services, whether market research, marketing strategy and advertising, public relations or commercial photography.

What We Do

Web Development - Blass Public Relations

Web Development

You have only seconds to keep a visitor on your website and entice them to take-action. The Blass team develops content-rich websites that encourage your visitors to stay longer and convert to customers. Our web designers are experts in WordPress and other CMS, e-Commerce, e-Quoting systems and online catalogs to create websites that reflect the essence of your brand, responsive across all devices.

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Web Hosting

Blass Web Services provides superior hosting for your website. Sites are served from fast SSDs along with generous RAM allocation that can handle 1000s of visitors for any site. Our web servers are located in secure, state-of-the-art East and West Coast data centers. Both centers are certified Tier 3+, meaning at least 99.99% network uptime guaranteed.
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Search Engine Optimization

The best organic SEO starts with keyword research that is based on a solid understanding of your business, customers, and competition. We gain results through a mix of high-quality content and links from relevant, high-ranking authorities that deliver targeted traffic to your website. And remember, compelling public relations placements make for good SEO.
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Web usability research

Usability testing can be a valuable technique to evaluate a website’s ease of use, by testing it on users. Typically, Blass researchers ask users to complete certain tasks with a facilitator who observes and probes, where needed, to fully understand the customer experience. This is key in user-centered design research, giving direct feedback from real users.

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Online marketing

Having a user-centric web experience is an important part of any successful online business strategy, but generating relevant traffic is essential. We provide a strategic approach to driving qualified traffic, including search engine marketing, managed placements display advertising, contextual advertising, hyper-local mobile, geo-conquesting and social media marketing.
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Content Creation

Telling your story while ranking with the search engines. It starts with keyword research and effective messaging. Good communicators don’t just wing it; they deliver clear, consistent, on-brand-strategy messages, integrating the correct keywords into h1 and h2 tags, and text copy. Blass Web Services helps you develop strong online content, targeting your audience, whether consumers or B-to-B.

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Retargeting/ Remarketing

Retargeting is a valuable digital advertising strategy aimed at online users who have visited your website, search specified keywords or opened prepared emails. It’s a great way to keep top of mind while a person is in the buying cycle. The Blass team can create ads specific to the area of the website or selected search keywords and target them with relevant messaging.

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Web Security

Web security is paramount in today’s climate and Blass provides services that help keep your site secure. Our systems scan for malware and monitor each site for attempted hacks and needed updates. Monthly site backups include the site’s WordPress database, all files, settings, themes and plugins. Backups are stored locally and in the cloud for redundancy.

Our Team

The Blass team, skilled in marketing strategy, market research, content creation, design, photography, programming, technology, SEO and online marketing works with you to create content and build user-centric sites that engage customers and support your brand. We gain a deep understanding of your messages and markets, and execute online communications that help achieve your business objectives.

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Let’s talk. Sometimes a casual meeting over coffee is the best way to get to know each other and explore how beginning a relationship with Blass Web Services can help your organization discover new possibilities and gain a competitive edge. Call Ken Blass at (518) 766-2222 in our Old Chatham, NY, office or Kathy Blass Weiss at (704) 765-2118 in our Charlotte, NC, office.

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